“Meditation creates peace, a stillness within. From this space, you are wise, and your wisdom creates the action of loving kindness that is compassionate and beautiful.”

– Tony Samara

The Choice to Be Receptive.



Thank you to our supporters who believe in the amazing spiritual work that is inspired by the ancient wisdom that Tony Samara shares with everyone.


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We at the Garden of Light Sangha, would like to welcome you to this new blog created to present to the world some possibilities to support the amazing spiritual work that many of us do inspired by the ancient wisdom that Tony Samara shares with everyone.


Loving Kindness

“Loving kindness is part of the activity of meditation, but it is not from your mind or from your feelings, but loving kindness comes as a natural consequence of your understanding, of listening to the transmission that comes from your heart.” – Tony Samara

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The Garden of Light Sangha welcomes you wholeheartedly to a new blog created to present some ways to support this meaningful work towards the evolution of human consciousness.

Every action we take, every thought we have, is more powerful than we tend to believe yet always leaves a footprint for others to follow. To live and be in life, in this way, is the meaning of meditation and the practice Sat Tony Samara has been teaching for many years, and the reason why  the Garden of Light Sangha was created with an intention to be of service to humanity rather than of service to the needs of oneself.

Almost universally, ancient texts, mystics  and traditions have reminded us that we are connected. They have said and continue to say, that we are one, that we are part of one another, that we are part of the Earth and the changes in the Earth. In many parts of the world people want to believe in this but somehow need a reason for that belief. During the last decades, scientists have given us that reason so that our logical minds can make the connection, to see how we are related and how we influence the world and how by honouring that connection through our hearts we literally have the power to influence the very fields of this planet that sustain life in the world.

Research shows that the radiated influence of peace in the environment grows roughly as the square of the number of people being peaceful together.

We invite you to meditate more often and share these simple yet powerful meditations that you can put into practice and see for yourself the benefits that it brings to yourself and to those around you.